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Rates & Services

Rates & Services

We cater to the local motorcycle riding community. We offer up to date rider news and affordable advertising for current and new business in the surrounding areas.



Las Vegas’s first motorcycle publication. Honest and quick witted. We will report in depth stories and information filled articles to keep riders up to date and well informed. When you pick up this publication you are entertained as well as informed.Las Vegas is a hotbed of culture. Our staff is headed by the president of this company, Richard Roque Sr.


His over 5 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising is one of the key elements that will drive this forward delivering a quality information service to an outstanding audience of educated adults active in the market. The other key elements are the staff and last but in no way the least, you the Las Vegas  Business.


Presidents Profile :


Name : Richard Roque Sr.

Native City : San Antonio TX.


Experience : Research Coordinator for local firm.

                     Account Executive on many accounts to include Fischer Price,

                     Coca-Cola ,Totinos, as well as awarded a 4 million dollar account

                    with  the Miller Lite F.I.F.A.  Ad  campaign.



Net rate black & white advertising:


Size:               1x


Full                $250.00

Half               $175.00

¾                   $100.00

Business card size ad : $55.00




Net retail full color ad:


Size:               1x



Full                $350.00

Half               $275.00

¾                   $150.00

Business card size ad : $100.00


Not for profit rate : 10% discount


General Policies as of now:


In the event of an error by the publisher that obviously affects the drawing power of the advertisement. The publisher will grant credit towards  a free ad in the next months publication.


Publisher reserves the right to omit or refuse any advertisement at anytime.


Digital ads:


 Camera ready dead lines:

-          All ads on disk or electronic submitted ads are due in, 3 days before the 3rd day of every month.


Note: Ads should be submitted as early as possible.


Image ads:

Image formats accepted:

Tiff, PDF, or JPEG


Contact Richard for more info @ 210-214-0466

Be sure to email your ads to

And give us a heads up at the number above.

           When emailing , please include : Advertiser’s name , size of ad,

           dates to run, plus contacts name & phone number.


 Please no RGB format.


Classified Line Rates: The same for Wellness and Realestate


Size:                  1x

5 lines               $50.00

6 lines               $60.00

7 lines               $70.00

8 lines               $80.00

9 lines               $90.00

10 lines             $100.00


We here at Lapp hope this info will help you to make an informed decision to work with our company and look forward to making sure your business grows as ours grows while bringing you the best service we can. Thank you for your time. Call if you have questions


Richard Roque Sr.


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