Lapp Magazine

Our Team is currently looking to add new members . If you have an interest in  moto sport racing or just want to be involved in the project feel free to leave me an email @ and leave me your email and personal contact info as well as what you think you can contribute to the company and I will consider an internship position for you.




I will be blunt. The type of people I want on my team are the type to handle business witha wind blowing in your hair type of fun mentality. This is a vision and project of just a kid with a dream. As a young child I always loved the sound of a motorcycle speeding by. As timw passed I came to experience the thrill of riding a race bike. I fell in love with the experience.Can you imagine riding along the italian mountains or speeding down the california coast just watching the beach as you ride by? If you answered yes , your the type of person I want on my team.This is  a personal dream of mine. I look forward to the day I can bring poeple together for a good cause. We here at Lapp advocate for Earth Of Ours. This is a non-profit organization who's goal is to preserve the certain amphibian species. This is the first organization we are backing. We are currently finding a way to help this organization grow and achieve its goal.I am the owner / marketer / representative(pr)/ writer / editor , etc. As of now I'm flying solo but am looking for people who can see my vision and would like to help. I'm currently reaching out to bike owners / bike enthusiasts/ and local business. If you would like to get some real world experience , I would love for you to tag along. I look forward to all the new relationships , both  personal and business. As the team grows you'll see new profiles and pictures. If you need to contact me email me @  Thank you :o)


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