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  1. During your next trip to the grocery store, check out the greeting card isle. Pick a few cards out for your lover – some sexy, some sweet and some for words of encouragement. When at home, write little messages in each of the cards and periodically leave them in his brief case, on his dashboard or even send it to his place of employment. He will definitely feel like a king in your eyes, and your anticipation of him finding each card will give you butterflies.

  • Make several small construction paper hearts and then on each heart, write something that you love about your mate – “I love your smile” or “Your touch makes me quiver” – then tape them on the bathroom mirror or all over his car (be sure to avoid the windshield and blind spots). I did this for Valentine’s Day, and my husband still has every heart.
  • Wake up early and make a nice breakfast, including mimosas, for just the two of you. Sit somewhere else to eat it – maybe outside or in bed. Talk about some of the crazy things you did when you were younger – who knows – he may just be late for work that morning!
  • Arrange for the kids to stay at a friend’s house and make an exotic meal. Dress the part – pull out that sexy number that wowed him years before, but skip the underclothes. As you are eating, drop hints about what is missing under your dress. See how long you two can finish the meal before he can’t resist finding out for himself.

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